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  • Specify Groups of agency users that associate staff to various weekly schedules
  • Create or edit Groups to determine what staff receive system notifications on a given day or time
  • Specify default recipient addresses for a Group 
  • Reasons you may need set up a Group to control when users get notifications


Okay, we’re covering User Management right now. We’ve talked about adding users to the platform simply by clicking on the Add button and putting in their information. We’ve talked about moving users around in Workflow by dragging and dropping their names. Now, we’re going to talk about managing the users.

The platform is unique in the sense that there is real time information coming into the platform and being evaluated in real time. The platform is going to act on it in real time; however, not everyone works all the time. So, how do you deal with that? That’s where we looked at the reality that we have users in our platform that work Monday through Friday and some work every third day and there’s a bunch of flexibility in this and there’s a bunch of flexibility in schedules and no one wants to get a text message or an email when they’re not at work. So, let’s build a technology platform that deals with that and fixes it. So, we have Groups. Next week, we’re actually adding the second half of this because it’s a pretty large request to fulfill for a couple agencies. It’s going to be rolled out over a couple weeks.

For Groups, the way this goes is you can create a group, name a group. Let’s say this group is just Wednesday. Description will be Wednesday. I think you’ll catch on to what I’m doing here. Click Save. So, I just made my Wednesday group and I have Monday through Friday group. So, my Wednesday group, these guys are only to get emails on Wednesday.

So then, I can grab my available users and drag them over to the Wednesday group. So, if you’re in this group, you’re going to get an email on Wednesday if you’re part of a Notification series or if the Wednesday group is part of a Notification series or so forth. Then we know who to send these notifications to.

For each group, there has to be a default email and a default phone number. Typically, this would be like dispatch. They’re going to get all the emails that come in all the time, or it could be someone else, but this allows us to say, hey if it’s a Wednesday, this group is configured in the next section here. But, if it’s a Wednesday, this group can get the emails. If it’s Monday through Friday, then all these people can get the emails. If it’s a Saturday and so forth.

Again, the concept is understanding that there is only certain people at certain times that are going to want to get information and let’s put a structure in place that enables that. So, that’s what the Groups allow us to do. You can group people by whatever definitions are appropriate for the deployment, and from there we can look at configuring when these groups are activated and not.

Okay, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Ten8Tech, and look at additional help content regarding groups and the windows of time for these groups just as that gets recorded and defined.


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