Users / Reviewers




  • Specify agency users who will be Reviewers for incident reports 
  • Use drag-n-drop to assign users to your various Review Levels, or No Review
  • See example of changing the number of Review Levels in Agency Setup - Workflow menu
  • Reasons you may need to see or adjust who has access to the report review process


Okay we just finished looking at the agency users under the user section here, now we are going to look at the reviewers. Reviewers are people within the workflow that are reviewing the report. Based on how many review levels you have at your agency, you can move people from not reviewing reports, maybe this is a supervisor and these are officers who would review a report prior to it being pushed to an RMS integration. Simply drag and drop and that is how you move reviewing officials around in the platform.

What I will do is just change up the configuration here for the agency and workflow. Let's say there are two steps of review instead. Moving back here into Reviewers now you see there are two levels of review. Again, depending on how many levels of workflow you have, everything is pretty much drag and drop, pretty simple. If I go into, because I am logged in right now as me, if I look under report review what I am going to see is I do not have anything to do because I am not in workflow. That is how the reviewers work as far as moving people around in workflow. As soon as you drag and drop that person's name, that is going to change what they are required to do at your department. Now I have to review Review Level 1 reports. If I go back to admin and then users, reviewers, dragging it over to Review Level 2, now I have to review Review Level 2 reports. It is pretty simple to get line of sight into everyone who is doing what for the department and as people get promoted, they go from working day watch to graveyards, and they are not reviewing reports and so forth, it is simple to move them around within the agency. This is going to conclude how to move people within review levels. Feel free to look at additional help content and videos to see how to create users as well as agency setup, and also the user groups. 


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