• See how under Agency Setup you select agency-specific color themes, badge logo, etc.
  • See how to control the agency-specific look and feel in and mobile apps
  • Specifying a unique sub-domain for access for citizens  
  • Change the initial content citizens see for your agency's landing page on
  • Example of how can use location services (GPS) to establish an incident location 


We are going to be moving on down the line now for agency setup from contact info and logistics, now to branding. When we look at branding, this is how you can change what your agency looks like. As you scroll through these you are going to see some pre-populated color pallets, and if you do not see something in that makes sense for you to use as well, you can put in a request to Ten8Tech, and we can add in a color pallet for you, it's not an issue. We do not charge for that type of service, but something to where if you are a Sheriff's Agency and you are looking at this platform and you thinking hey, we are not blue, we are green, you make that selection. If you need a secondary color not to be gold, that's fine too. I will show you where this is going to come into play. It is on the citizen facing website as well.

You can then upload your agency badge or patch. This has to be a certain type of file which it says when you upload it. It is a PNG with a transparent background. We take that one file, that labels, and it also labels all the case number mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as the mobile responsive applications and the PDF generation of the police report all use this same image file.

The website will also change that color. You would see this on and then the mobile applications, they all take this color theme based on your selection. If I was to go to this website right here what we will see is it will load green, and it is branded with that agency. It is centered on where that agency is working. When it comes to the text down here, this can also be changed within Case Vision, right in this section here. This is giving you the ability to change the information that is conveyed to the public here by simply typing. If I type test and I click over on this window, if I reload this what you are going to see is test pop up over here and this is all just real time, as I'm recording this.

Now the platform is asking me to use my location. I am not saying yes but if I was it is going to use IP location information or if I am connected to the internet on a smart phone or a device that has GPS enabled, it is going to have a very, very close location to where I am if not spot on, within the GPS information. As I mentioned the test is there. That is what I just typed in over here so I am just going to delete that, so it basically a type and it saves, nice and simple. Now this is again, the look of this site is going to be dependent upon the form factor, so if I make this side a little smaller and reload it, this would be a smaller, more condensed screen factor if this was like an iPad or similar. If it starts this size then it is a little more structured. When you change the windows within Internet Explorer 11, it does not react quite as nice but if it does open up on an iPad, this is what you are going to see. You are going to see it is still pretty consistent but it did change. Like on this screen there is the big map on the back and you have the logo over here, then the box where they are going to put in their phone number and their PIN number and so forth, check their status, and also continue the report. On a smaller screen we keep the key information up top and then you have some buttons down here, you still have that map driven here. It is going to still run with the same type of Google search, but it is formatted to be more in line with a smaller screen format.

Then the mobile applications for iOS and Android, a different look than this, but it's all going to follow that same color pallet. If I switch back to typical LE blue, then go back here, and reload, it's going to go back to LE blue.

I will just give you an example here. This is again, a smaller screen but when the web goes bigger you get the different look. This is the section under agency setup for branding and those are the sections there for the color theme, agency badge, and then the customizing of the case service, the Casenumber sub domain. For this too you would also add in your sub domain for your police agency. Let's say you are the Denver Police Department. You want to be; you want to be, someone needs to talk to us first. Other than that we can kind of look at doing other things for those agencies that are going to have conflicts. They are going to happen for sure. Citizens are not going to really go to DPD.Casenumber. What we are going to do is link your agency's website to that sub domain. Typically citizens are just going to come in straight from Casenumber. This gives us the ability to link from that sub domain so a link for the River City sub domain straight to T8T.Casenumber. What you are going to get is a pretty consistent message for the citizens. If this citizen tries to report into a city that is not River City, they see a message that basically lets them know they are talking to River City PD but not trying to report to River City PD, so you need to figure out who you should talk to and they are given this message here. Then click on the Google text which transitions them over to a repopulated Google search for that police agency, it is the San Diego PD instead of River City. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at Ten8Tech or you can always use the support phone number or send us an email at Thank you.

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