• Setting the geographic & jurisdictional information based on ORI and city data
  • View or modify the telephone number that accesses Case Service for your agency (Citizen Phone Reporting Number)


Okay, we just discussed the Contact Information section in the other help video and now we’re going to move onto Logistics under Agency Setup. Within this section, we’re basically talking about the geographical coverage of the platform for your police agency. So, if you’re a municipal-city policy agency, we’ve typically tied it straight into the city and if there’s additional data files that are pulled in from your actual police agency via Streets file, Geo Shape file and so forth for GIS information. That’s also going to show up down here. If you are a sheriff’s agency and you cover multiple - ORIs for multiple jurisdictions - we actually have these all listed unless it’s deployed in a different fashion to where you have each ORI as its own separate deployment.

Outside of the geographical coverage, we have the reference numbers. This is where we’re going to start in the platform and then kind of end in the platform and the current number that we’re on, and we can change this out by tagging out and then changing and saving. It’s how you’re going to start labeling the reference numbers for the citizens. This is a numeric digit only with six digits. If, for some reason, your agency needs to do something different, we can usually accommodate that, but just typical deployment, numeric six-digit reference number. It’s not the case number. This is just kind of like the confirmation number that they filed the report. It’s a platform tracking number.

The next section under Logistics is the Citizen Phone Setup. This is the phone number that they are going to contact your agency on. You can change this number by going into the Phone Prefix, entering in the area code with a one first and then searching for available numbers. If you don’t get a return, it’s because the area code is over saturated so you just kind of try another one. I had to try a couple different guesses. I typed in 1-720 and what that did is that pulled back a list of available numbers. At that point, I could click on one of these numbers. It’s going to recycle the phone number for the citizens and then you can change it. Now, obviously if you do this, this could wreak some havoc on any of the hard keyed setups within the dispatch centers if they have already configured their phone systems and so forth, so it’s something to where if it needs to be done, it can be, but just use caution with that.

That is how you identify where the geographical coverage for your agency is, where the reference numbers can be changed and also where the phone setup occurs as well as the changing of that number.

We’re going to move on now to this next section for branding.

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