CaseNumber Android Overview




  • How citizens can use the Case Number mobile app for Android in the Google Play Store
  • See an example of an incident report entered via Android device by a citizen
  • Learn about helpful videos on real-time reporting via mobile apps 


Now we are going to talk about the CaseNumber mobile app for Android. Then we have another video talking about the mobile app for iOS. Android obviously there are a lot of mobile phones out there that are running Android so it makes sense to have a native mobile app that works well on that platform. You can get there by clicking on the Google Play Store and it will take you over to the mobile app on the Google Play Store for CaseNumber. Again, it is one app in the app store.

CaseNumber mobile app starts by aligning the citizen to the right location and seeing if there is a police agency there using our technology and if there is it is going to go agency-branded and then have a conversation with the citizen. Those images here, if you can click on them they get a little larger. You can start with the agency there, the citizen gives their phone number, they set a PIN number, and then we start talking to them. We are going to have a conversation based on that police agency, and the questions that they want to ask. Citizens can continue the report as well as check the report status at any time.

I am going to actually switch over to a demo of the CaseNumber mobile app here and this is from There are videos hosted there that you can actually watch that will give you full demos of the mobile apps, start to finish. An example this is the Android app. What it looks like to use the Android app when you first install it, and then clicking through this you are running the agency in demo mode and then there is having the conversation with the citizen. There are answering questions and so forth. This is the mobile app and this is actually a side-by-side comparison of mobile app. This is an old version of CaseVision but shown in real time. You are putting information in that is showing up over here in the review portal. This will be the citizen doing it and this would be someone at the agency looking at it. Again this is the old version too of CaseVision.

Those applications are available to be checked out at It is under Resources in the video resources. Videos for the full phone reporting, the citizen voice reporting to mobile app handoff, which is pretty cool. Basically in the first two minutes we are going to ask the citizen if they have a smart phone. If they say yes, we are going to shoot them a text message that allows them to get the link to actually do that report with voice. Right here, it is a little demo of this. This is that text message coming in and then you basically click on it and that will transition you to the right app in the app store. Download the app and then they pick up where they left off on the app.

The mobile apps, if your agency is running in internal agency demo mode, you can download them, check them out, and report into your department and give it a try. If not, if you really do want to try it, email and we can let you know where you can report into to try the mobile apps out.

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