CaseNumber iOS Overview




  • How citizens can use the Case Number mobile app for iOS in the Apple App Store
  • See an example of an incident report entered via iOS device by a citizen
  • Learn about helpful videos on real-time reporting via mobile apps 


We are going to talk about the Casenumber mobile app for iOS real quick. This is accessible if you go to, you can click on Case Number and the Casenumber mobile apps, and if you do that what you are going to see down here are the links to get to the app stores, a little bit of information about the mobile app, and again links to get to the app stores. For the iOS one, if you go Apple app store you would be able to download the app from your iOS device. Looking at the app you are basically going to see some screenshots of the app as far as how it starts and some of the questions for iPhone as well as iPad, a little different layout for iPad. With that you can download from your iOS device. This is one app in the app store for the entire nation to report nonemergency incidents and have a conversation with their police department.

The way that works is that when the app starts, you are aligning geographically to a specific Law Enforcement agency. From there, the citizens are setting their PIN number, they are giving their phone number, the platform is going to give them back an access code, and then they are going to start having that conversation with the police department. The citizen can continue their report. They can pick up where they left off at any time. They can also check their report status from the mobile app.

With that this video is just to kind of glance over the mobile app for iOS. Feel free to download it. Take a look at it, check it out, and if you are a member of the agency and your agency is running in internal agency demo mode, you can feel free to put some reports in with the mobile apps and see what that is like.

Also under resources and videos, there are some videos showing the voice reporting as well as voice reporting to the mobile app handoff and then the complete mobile app reporting with iOS and Android. If you were to click on this video and watch it you would be able to see the whole reporting process. Basically you can also scroll the video and get an idea of what the reporting looks like.

I am going to wrap this video up and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Ten8Tech and we will be glad to have a conversation with you, answer any questions. You can email us at or give us a phone call.

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