Logging into Case Service




  • See how agency users get started with Case Service using the "LOGIN" link at www.CaseService.com
  • Entering the email & password you set from the invitation email sent by your administrator
  • See how your features & options may be different depending upon your role (i.e., Admin vs. User)


What we are going to look at right now is logging into Case Service, the review application. You find the login portal by going to CaseService.com and in the top right corner you can click on log in and this will open up:  http://app.CaseService.com. When you are there the first time if you just bookmark it, it will add it to your favorites bar and then you will have the ability to go back to it easily.

With that let us go ahead, throw in the email address for your account, and then put in the password that you initially set when you created your account from the welcome email that was sent to you from the account administrator. You can click sign in and you are now in Case Vision to review reports. If you are an admin you are going to log into a screen like this. If you are an agency official who would be looking at reports, when the application first loads you would be looking at the report list such as this.

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