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  • See how to modify your user Profile in Case Service using the "person icon" link at the top right after sign in to
  • Entering or editing contact info including cell phone number, username/email and your password 


Let’s talk about your user account. To access your user account, you are going to click on the little person icon here in the top right and you can go to your profile. So what this window is going to do is give you the ability to put your name in here, your ID number, your mobile phone number, and you’re probably sitting there thinking, I don’t want to give you my mobile phone number. That is completely fine. It’s not required, but if you do want to receive text messages from the platform, you need to put it in here and then when your system admin goes to configure some of the outbound notifications, as long as your mobile number is in here, you’ll be accessible for that outbound notification via text message. If you don’t have a mobile number, your name is not going to appear with a little checkbox next to it to send you a text based on some notification, and then under the user profile, the ability to do your password reset. So you are basically putting in your current password and then changing your password by putting in a new one and then change your password. So that is the user profile section. So this allows you to put your ID number in here, your mobile number for text messages. ID numbers are required for report, review and approval. Any time you touch a record, you are going to put your ID number in there with it, also the ability to reset your password.

One other thing to point out is the email address. If you change your email address, you are changing your log in to the system. So if for some reason your Police Department changes your domain name, or such, to change all the user account log ins, or if you change your email address, you are going to change your user account log in information. So just be aware of that. If you do change this, you are going to have to log in with that new email address. Okay, I am going to conclude this video. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at “” via email or call the Support telephone number.

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