Password Resets




  • See how agency users can Reset their Password for Case Vision using the "Forgot Password?" link at Login page
  • Using the system generated email send to your email address to reset your Case Vision password


When you’ve forgotten your password and you’re at the log in screen and you’re just not able to get into the system, you can simply reset your password by clicking on the link below the sign in box that says, “Forgot Password.” When you do that, you can put in your email address that is associated with your user account and send yourself a reset link.

You will get a notification saying it has been successful, and the next step would be to check your email inbox and, as I look in my email inbox, I opened up that email which basically says, “Click on this link to reset your password.” So when you click on the link, this will take you to a password reset form that has a secure token, which basically means there is a level of security here that is going to let you reset your password from that one email for a defined period of time. So it’s not going to be good forever. So if you don’t do it right away, you might have to go through the process again. What you’ll do is you’ll put in your email address that is for the account and then you are going to go ahead and give yourself a new password by typing one here. So I will do that and I will click “Reset.” As long as the passwords match, it works and it will take me back to that sign in box. So now I can put in my user name again and I can enter in that password that I just entered and I will click "Sign in” and now I am back into my account. So that is how you reset your password. Thank you.

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