• See how to view Agency Users who are Registered or are Pending Users
  • Adding new staff at your agency (New User) who need to gain access 
  • Set up of user Information, Access Level including Review Level & Authority
  • Learn about automatic emails sent to new Users to connect and set their own password


Okay, we’ve talked about the Agency Setup. Now, we’re going to look at platform users. So, there’s a couple sections - there’s Agency Users; there’s Reviewers; there’s Groups and this is expanding. I think next week we’re going to put in the notifications windows for the groups. We’re going to do that a little later in another video.

For Agency Users, Adding New Users to the Platform - what you’re going to do is, you have to understand there’s Registered Users and there’s Pending Users. Pending Users are users who have not yet set their first password. You can resend them a link to sign up in the platform if they have not done it yet.

If you want to create a new user, you’re going to simply click the plus icon on the top right hand corner of this window. This is pretty consistent throughout the whole entire platform. If you want to add something, go up to the top right and you’ll see a plus icon and click on that. So, to create a new user, just list their first name, their last name, their ID number, which is required for the report review and approval processes, they will be needing to enter that. And list their agency email address. That’s going to be their user log in information. So, they’re agency email is going to be what they’re going to use to log into the platform. It’s also going to be where the emails are going to go letting them know they can log into the platform.

Their mobile phone number can be listed by someone who’s configuring the user or it can be listed by the user themselves. That’s needed to send them text message notifications from the platform if they’re going to receive those.

You would then look at that user and determine what their access level is going to be within the platform, so if they’re going to be at the Review level, based on how many Review levels are in this deployment or not, the type of user. So if they’re going to be a Regular User or Admin and then any of the authorities. So, this is all from the previous video where we talked about the Workflow steps. If the Workflow steps here have, as an example, data entry authority and filing authority turned on, I go over to users and I go to create a user. I would then have those down here available. If you want to create users with those abilities, just make sure they’re turned on.

And then, they get into understanding what the data entry authority and the filing authority is, the exception handler. Just watch the other help videos or look under the help sections under Agency Setup for that information.

Once you create the user and you hit save, what’s going to happen is the platform’s going to send that person an email letting them know to go ahead and set their password and when they set their password, they’re going to have access to the system. If for some reason, they don’t set the password, you can resend them an email again down here in the Pending User section.

So, that is the Agency Users. Go ahead and feel free to look at additional help content. If needed, reach out to Support at Ten8Tech if you have any questions.

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