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  • Specify Contact details for your agency including basic Agency details, Admin & Dispatch contacts
  • Set the Transfer Phone number for when a citizen transfer out to a live person is appropriate
  • Specify point of contact (Admin Officer) for the public regarding Case Service 
  • Designate an internal contact for dispatch/communications when needed for support purposes


Okay looking at the Contact Info section under Agency Setup, there are three pieces of data that we are capturing at this step in the configuration process, being the agency information, so the agency's name, public-facing information for where a citizen should either send correspondence or actually come to the police agency. This information is going to be pulled into the templated email footers that will go out from the platform to communicate with the citizens about what they are communicating with the agency. The email citizens will receive, asking them to finish their reports, the emails citizens receive confirming that the report has been filed, and one that gives them the case number and so forth. All those emails will pull in the information that comes into this section of the platform. Again, that is in the footer of the email.

The transfer phone number is used from the system to transfer citizens out of Case Service if they are answering questions that identify them to be doing a type of report or trying to put something in via or the phone systems, or the mobile apps that should not be in the platform. Let's say it is a theft crime and they say yes, someone took property that I was holding. Well that categorizes it as a felony at that point so we would transfer that caller out of the voice system, back into the Dispatch center if needed, or if they are on mobile or web, they would be given a message that lets them know to contact this phone number. That will be discussed later on in the platform. That is a very useful way to ensure the right types of crimes come into the platform and the ones that should not. Let's say the person is reporting their vehicle as stolen, as a theft report and we can make sure that that report does not come into the platform. That is what the transfer phone number is.

The public phone number is a phone number that again is also put at the bottom of the emails, but it is the phone number you would want the public to typically call you on, and if they are the same numbers that is fine. Sometimes this might be an inside line for the transfer back into Dispatch, but that is the intention of the agency section here.

The next two sections, Admin Officer and Dispatcher. This is mainly points of contact for Ten8Tech to contact your agency. For the admin officer what we found works best is if we have identified a sworn officer at the agency who will be the point of contact for Case Service. This officer would typically have a pretty good understanding of technology and then also patrol operations so they can kind of align this digital officer if you will, to your agency. Then as this officer starts to look at Case Service, starts to see how the technology works, what we've found is they are going to start to make correlations into how this platform can be honed and fine tuned to provide a higher level of service for your city and your Police Department or Sheriff's Agency. Again, that is the intention of the admin officer. It is a point of contact who is familiar with patrol operations as well as technology. They can kind of help guide the deployment in the beginning but then also long term.

For Dispatcher, this is a point of contact for us if we have a case that comes into the platform or if there is something we need to get in touch with the agency about at the Dispatch level. It is a good spot for us to reference who we are supposed to be talking to at the agency. That concludes the contact info section. We are going to move on now kind of down the path towards logistics in the next video and help section.

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