Error Handling for Review Levels R-1 & R-2




  • Understanding how and why a reviewer rejected a report and how to handle the situation
  • Citizen Pending Follow Up status after soliciting more information from a citizen
  • Managing re-review of reports after follow up is received


Acting as if at a higher review level, we are looking at a report again and I, as a supervisor, have already approved this report, but I just got a phone call from Mr. Rogers, and he said that his tree was worth $10, and not $10,000, and that it was a typo, so I need to fix this report. The report has already been pushed over to my RMS system, so if that was the case I would just fix it over there. If that was not yet the case or if I just need to re-activate the report you can deny the report and send it back to a previous review level, for example send it to Review Level 1 (R-1) so an officer can work on it. The officer can then put in that the tree's value was actually $10, so the supervisor will hit deny. What this will do is take that report, take it from approved, and kicks the report back to R-1. Now that is what it going to show here, letting the person know in Review Level 1 that the report was rejected by another reviewer and gives them a heads-up as to why.

Now changing hats and acting as if in Review Level 1 again, I want to go look at Mr. Rogers' report again and I am going to do some other stuff to it. It is filtered by vandalism, go find Mr. Rogers, and now I open this up and it is like whoa, okay, I approved this because I thought it was a sad story, you know, the guy's tree was cut down and it was worth ten grand. However, my sergeant kicked it back; it says the report was rejected by another reviewer. I can look down here and kind of see what is going on. He approved it but then I guess he rejected it and now it is back to me. Okay so it says the reason for the rejection was the tree was worth $10. There are also notes. There is a note here so this was the note that came in from that rejection statement. When I opened this report I saw that right away because there is this big notice here so I can close that out. I do not need to deal with it. My supervisor is saying the tree was worth $10. Well the guy said it was worth $10,000 so I can make a phone call to that Victim and say hey, I need to talk to you about your report.

On the other hand, I can have the system do it for me because my Police Department decided to deploy case service and it has a bunch of cool features that make my life as a reviewing official easy. I will queue this up for automated follow-up. I will just say it needs more information based on what the guy answers on the question again.

A side note, what this is doing is I just clicked on this little hourglass here, queue for follow up. When it is queued it gives you the hourglass which means there is something about to happen. The value as stated by the citizen the first time he stated it, was $10,000. The question that he answered was in reference to the dollar value of this item. I am just going to simply queue this for follow-up and I will tell the platform to give the Victim a call back and request a follow-up. That is what is about to happen. The platform said okay, it is going to do it. Now this report is in a status that is citizen pending follow up. It is going to sit in that status until it is made ready from the citizen to move forward. I can go back to review reports and go from there.

As I had requested that follow-up, the system objected and that was because we did not have any settings here so I just paused the video and I basically told it to try to call the guy once. That should allow that to happen. If I look back at the reports for review and I look at partial or pending because that report is now pending citizen workflow, or actually pending the citizen actually doing something on the report.

Look at all reports and look at Mr. Rogers, the vandalism. This data is a bunch of seed data to review reports, so what we have here is a bunch of Mr. Rogers, but if you look they are all different reference numbers so they are different reports we just have a bunch of them loaded into the platform.

This would be that report. It is at Review Level 1. Basically it already tried to call him, he did not answer because the system is saying only try to call the guy once. So the system tried to call him once, he did not pick up his phone. The platform is going to say well, if I can only call someone once, he did not answer, now someone at the agency has to look at the report again. It already put the report back into Review Level 1. I was looking for it. If it was going to stay in that status of trying to call the citizen a couple times, it is actually in; it is like citizen pending follow-up, I think it is the status of what this one is called. I was looking for that, I could not find it, and it is because it is already back. Again as a reviewer I am told the report was previously sent to the reporting party. They failed to follow up. It is basically telling you that you can cancel any of the automated follow-ups in order to approve or deny the report. You can also resubmit this report for additional automated follow-ups if desired. You can send it back to him again and ask him to do it.

In order to understand where the follow-ups are I can filter display follow-ups and that will show all the follow-ups. I can just remove this and cancel the follow-up. Then I can say you know what, my supervisor told me that it was worth $10 and so I am just going to change the report and approve it again. I can back to the responses. Instead of going down to the property section what you can do, you can go to the property here and change the value to $10. You can also make that change in the agency report window. You just want to type within the cells of the boxes. Sometimes that is just easier. You can just highlight all that and say it is $10. I can just approve it from here. I will actually let my supervisor know I did make the change. I can put it in there anything. I can put I try an automated follow-up and he did not answer or whatever. That is going to move the report on to Review Level 2 and I can then go back to reviewing reports.

Again from the Review Level 2 perspective look at Mr. Rogers' report. It is back. Now there are two notes. I can just kind of let you know real quick, like okay, there has been conversation going on here. Okay the tree is worth $10, it was the first note; change the value to $10. Okay so I can say I am supervisor, looks like he corrected the errors or the issues or whatever and I can look at the report and say, yeah, it looks good, and I can just approve it and put in my ID number.

The ability to bounce reports back and forth from among the review levels, bounce the report back to the citizen which is kind of unique and then have all that automated is what this platform is built to do. We automate the reporting process start to finish. Not only taking the report but the review of the report and the communication of any incidents regarding the report.

Now if I was to deny the report I can basically type in a private note and I can also send these notes to the citizens as well. That is in another video. If you have any questions about the review process you can feel free to give Ten8Tech support a ticket or a phone call and we would be glad to walk through any of these questions with you. Also when we onboard an agency, the training is a little deeper than just the videos but the videos are helpful for reference.

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