Report Review Overview




  • Do a Level 1 check of citizen incident reports that are ready for initial review
  • Examine incident reports that are still in progress (Partial/Pending) to see what's coming
  • Use filters to focus on specific reports by case type or review status
  • Find & review previous reports that have been processed or encountered export errors
  • Overview of how to examine report details including narrative, follow-up needed, etc.
  • How to access & use the Help content while you are reviewing reports


We’re going to take a quick overview right now of the Review Report Section. Within Review Reports, we have reports that are Ready for Review, and this is based on the user’s account. When the person logs into the system, if they’re in Review Level 1, as this user is, they’re going to see the Ready Section for this person.  I’m supposed to look at Review Level 1 Reports, so I logged into the system and that’s what I see. This section here, for Partial or Pending, is reports that are partially complete or maybe pending some kind of agency workflow. They are at a different level in that agency’s workflow, and that’s based on each agency being configured a little differently. To filter that, we can click on this filter icon over here, so we can show all the report statuses.  We can show Approved, Partial, or we can actually filter it by the case types as well.  We can review reports that have been closed out.  We can view all the reports.

Error has to do with any reports that have pushed over to any of the RMS Systems that we integrate with, and for whatever reason, maybe that RMS didn’t like something that was in the report. If it gets shot back to Case Service, there’ll be a notification message as how to fix it and it would show up here.  So you’d be able to fix that report and then push it back to RMS.

If we go back to the Ready for Review, I can then grab a report off a stack, open it up and then go through the process of reviewing the report, to actually look at the narrative and go through that review process as we have described in some of the other help content and videos.

I'll wrap this up as an overview for the Review Reports, and if you need additional information, how to review a report, please take a look at our Help portal.  Help portal can be found by clicking on the question mark icon. It says, “Get Help”, and then this’ll pop up down here, and then you can just simply search for what you’re looking for.  An example, Report Review, then you can start here by reading the Help content.  You could also leave us a message.  This goes to  You can put in your name, your email address, and what we can do to provide a higher level of service to you, or any kind of clarification, and send it over, we’ll look at that right away. 

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