Report Review - Review Level 2 and higher




  • Guide to how agency Supervisors at "Review Level 2" finalize & Approve a report
  • Jump to the Agency Report to view a system generated report
  • Example of step to Approve a report after the initial "Level 1" review


Now we are going to look at a report from the position of Review Level 2. This will be a supervisor reviewing the report. What I am showing you right now is if you are a system admin, the ability to basically take a user and put them into a different level of review which is my user account. This is how I am logged into the platform right now. Then if I go on Review Report, there are going to be some reports in here that are ready for me to review.

In the first video here, we talked about reviewing a report from the position of Review Level 1, and we looked at this vandalism report from Mr. Rogers. Now I am a supervisor, I just got promoted, and I get to review the report for the second time at the agency to make sure that it is a good report and we are going to allow it to go through. I am going to click on the report, I click on Agency Report, and I am just going to look at the report. For example, I already had an officer look at this and they said it was good and they passed it on to me. I am looking at the report and yes, it looks good. It looks like some guy had his apple tree cut down. The officer categorized this as a Vandalism 2. Just think of the felony vandalism statute for your jurisdiction in your state. Because you know, it is a $10,000 apple tree. Other than that, yes, the guy's tree was cut down. There is not a whole lot we can do but I will approve his report.

Because I am a supervisor I am going to hit approve and we can actually see it down here. This was the officer who reviewed it earlier in the day. I will approve it and that is going to take this report and mark it as approved and based on the integration settings with RMS systems, this would probably be the triggering action that would push this to the RMS and grab a case number and insert it and file it. The report is done. From there we are going to wrap this video up. That is how you review a report from the position of supervisor in Case Service.

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