Filing authority

Filing authority is a designation that is user account specific.

The filing authority user account setting is a configurable option that may be implemented at agencies where integration into the records management system or CAD system is not present, or not supplying the agency generated case number to Case Service.

If you have been designated as having filing authority you will receive the reports in your “Ready for Review” column after the report has been approved.  

To process the reports and move it to the “Recently Processed” column:

  1. Open the report by clicking on the case ID
  2. You will see that the report status is highlighted in green and “Approved”
  3. Click “File” in the upper right-hand corner to enter the agency case number by typing it into the initial agency case number box, and reenter the case number to confirm the case number.
  4. Click “Submit” and then confirm that you want to save the change to the record by clicking “Yes, Save Changes”
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