Reporting by Web



When a citizen first accesses, he or she is asked to provide information about where the incident occurred.  The user interface for this is a simple map that identifies the incident location via a pin drop or address input.  If a citizen enters an address that is not within the agency’s reporting jurisdiction, an alert will indicate that the platform does not support that location, and the system will provide a pre-loaded Web search for the law enforcement agency serving that location.  

When the location is within your agency’s jurisdiction, the system will ask the citizen to enter his or her phone number and then set a four digit PIN number.  

These two pieces of data, the phone number and PIN number, are combined with a five digit access code that the system will provide to the citizen, which enables the citizen to re-enter the reporting session at any time and check the status of the report once submitted.  After the citizen provides the initial information required to establish the reporting session, a sequence of questions will begin based on the incident being reported. works in conjunction with the voice reporting platform, mobile applications, and text application.  Regardless of how the citizen first accessed the Case Service (via voice, mobile, text, or Web), he or she can move between channels should the need arise to stop the reporting process and recommence at a later time. The system will begin the question sequence based on the last response provided and will ask the next logical question to continue the report.  

Once all questions are asked, the system provides the citizen with a Reference Number and will send email notifications to the citizen at the conclusion of the report, during the review process, and once the report is finalized with an issued case number.  

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