Reporting by Voice


Citizens can file a incident report using the voice system as configured by the law enforcement agency.  During initial system setup, agencies can decide to allow citizens to dial directly into the voice application, set up the system for dispatchers only to transfer citizens into the voice application, or enable both the direct dial and dispatcher transfer option.  

When a citizen contacts the voice system by dialing directly into the platform, the system asks triage-type questions to ensure that only appropriate calls are handled.  If the citizen states that the call is an emergency or answers any of the predefined questions (established by the agency) in a way that flags the call as an incident that a dispatcher should handle, the citizen is transferred out of the voice reporting platform and back to the call center. 

When a citizen contacts the agency and talks to a dispatcher, the dispatcher will triage the call.  If the dispatcher determines that a call meets the criteria to transfer into the Case Service, he or she can then transfer that call into the voice application. 

When the citizen begins to engage with the voice application, the system will ask a series of simple questions in order to lead the citizen through the reporting process.  Questions that require a Yes/No response will take the citizen down a certain path of logic in the system.  For questions that are open-ended or ask for specific information, such as a Reporting Party's name or date of birth, the system records the response from the citizen and then moves on to the next question.  

At the conclusion of the questioning, the system provides the citizen with a Reference Number for the incident. 

The voice reporting application works similarly to, requiring the citizen to provide a four digit PIN and confirm that the phone number used to place the call is the number the citizen wants to associate with the report.  The system will then issue an Access Code to the citizen.  The citizen can use the Access Code, associated phone number, and four digit PIN to re-enter the reporting session via voice, on the Web, or the Casenumber mobile application and continue the report or check the report status.  

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