Reporting with any combination of communication technologies


Case Service is built on top of a robust communication fabric that enables law enforcement to interweave a single reporting session through multiple communication channels: voice, text, mobile applications, and  

Regardless of how the citizen initially connects to the Case Service, the citizen can move into whatever channel of communication he or she prefers. 

Regardless of the channel of communication the citizen uses to report the incident, the system architecture will retain report continuity.  Any channel will guide the citizen down same logical path of questioning and maintain the citizen’s position on that path of questioning should the citizen disconnect the communication.  

The Case Service leverages the communication fabric by not only in how the citizen can connect to the reporting session, but also how the agency can connect to the citizen.  Case Service recognizes when a citizen has not finished the report and will reach out to the citizen via his or her preferred method of communication to ensure report completion. At the conclusion of the reporting session, the Case Service will send the citizen notification messages regarding the report's status as it works its way through the business process defined during agency configuration.  

This technology enables law enforcement agencies not only to connect to the citizen initially to obtain incident information but to stay connected to the citizen during the life cycle of the report.  

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